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Your Real Estate Law Attorney Can Help with These Situations

When you think of real estate law, you may already know that you need an attorney to help with a real estate closing. But did you know that there are many more instances in which having an attorney well-versed in real estate law can be to your benefit?

  • With an Agent- If you have a real estate agent who is helping you buy or sell a home, then your agent may already have an attorney in mind to help with the legal aspects of your real estate transaction. An attorney who handles real estate law is often called upon for these types of transactions between buyers and sellers.
  • Without an Agent- There are some instances in which a real estate agent may not be used to purchase a home. For example, if someone provides owner financing or there is an agreement between buyers and sellers prior to hiring an agent, a real estate attorney will be required to draw up any necessary documents for the sale. This is a critical step because the attorney will want to make sure all documents and proceedings are completed according to real estate law requirements.
  • Other Situations- Additional scenarios in which it is beneficial to have an attorney who is knowledgeable about real estate law on your side include when a house may have been altered or there are plans to make alterations, when a property is in an area affected by hazardous waste or contaminants, or when a real estate closing is not completed successfully. A real estate attorney will know the legal ramifications and action steps necessary to progress through these types of situations.

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